Monday, September 27, 2010

dun u dare wanna judge me if u dun even noe me!

hey...welcome 2 my 1st blog..ahakx...weird ryte..other people da ade blog bezaman2 dh..but me..baru myra weyanie mhs...still stdyin..where?..uitm shah alam..:)..

my strength : family and friends
my weakness : L.O.V.E

i dun wanna talk much bout me...
nuthin interestin fyi..:)

oke lets talk about others;
well sriozly i love my family sho much..

this is my daddy n mummy <3<3

 both of them are my heartbeat!.. siblings...i hav 6 siblings..5 gurls n 1 boy.. im da 2nd one..:) 

my eldest sister : raina kariena mhs

even both of us always gadoe-gadoe tarik rambut each other, but i still love my kakak..:)

my 3rd adek : marya suflin mhs

this one always makes me happy...always t8cre of me whn im sick!..i love her!

my 4th sister : sal aniesha amanda mhs

okey..dis one pndai make baby punye suare!...srioz jadie oke...n die u!

my 5th sister : naja fansuri mhs

oke..this gurls mmg paleng nakal n sumtyme rude,,,but i still n always love u!

my youngest brother : mohamad omar jabran shah mhs

i love my jabran~


my family...they gives me strength when i was weak...they cheer me up all the tyme...
i cant decribe how much i love them...
more than words..

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